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Trumpet Aperitif Glass (set of 4)

Trumpet Aperitif Glass (set of 4)

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The Trumpet Aperitif Glass’s delicate shape and size are perfect for a small cocktail, a liqueur or digestif, or a simple vermouth — something to sip and savor. Set of 4.

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Care: Heat and cold resistant, and dishwasher safe. Please be cautious when placing ice directly into the cup – we recommend pouring liquid first, then ice, then enjoy!

Size: 3 oz

About the Maker: Sophie Lou Jacobsen is a French-American designer currently based in New York City. She established her studio two years ago, and since then has been focused primarily on objects of everyday use, mostly using glass as a medium and exploring the interaction between object and user. Her work stems from the idea that objects have an innate power to enhance their user's mood through form and function. She focuses on simple objects and rituals, to see how she can alter these in ways that are surprising, delightful, and elevate the user experience.

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