Sleigh the Hosting Game: Holiday Dinner Party Tips

Sleigh the Hosting Game: Holiday Dinner Party Tips

Whether you're a seasoned hostess or a first-time entertainer, we've got the inside scoop on how to sleigh the hosting game and make your soirée unforgettable. 

Deck the Halls 
Adorn your space with bows and candles to create a warm and moody setting. Bows are going on everything - Christmas trees, bread, candlesticks, in your hair, on your wine glass. Add some metallic accents on the table (bowls, candleholders, serving utensils) to balance out the softness of the ribbon and add some holiday glam. 

Mix and Mingle with Signature Cocktails 
Elevate the experience by offering signature holiday cocktails. Whether it's a sparkling cranberry mimosa or a winter aperol spritz. Tis the season to bring out your finest glassware. Make sure to have mocktails for those who may not want to indulge. 

When it comes to mealtime, remember to pair your wine with what’s on the menu. Going to your local wine shop and asking for their recommendation is always the best resource. 

Rock Around the Christmas Playlist
No party is complete without a killer playlist. Curate a mix of holiday classics and current hits. Pro tip: Encourage your guests to add their favorite tunes to your Spotify playlist ahead of time so everyone can join in the fun. 

Customize Place and Menu Cards
We are living for Sunday Gelato’s Place and Menu Cards, especially if you’re serving up pasta. Don’t worry if your handwriting isn’t perfect, your friends and family will appreciate the personalized touch. 

With these tips in your hosting arsenal, you're guaranteed to sleigh the holiday game. Cheers to festive celebrations, good company, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

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